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The Christians tells a tangle vine of a tale complete with prickly thorns and pretty flowers and with roots deep in Biblical muck and mire. Shep Christian and Wally Paul are two lost souls who are trying to find redemption in Great Depression-era America by selling Bibles door-to-door, but t heir way of doling out God’s saving grace is a perverted as is Satan’s brand of salvation, leaving a string of dead bodies across the American Midwest. – Strong Elixir
Wally Paul and Shep are two men on a mission from God. The fact that they are sociopathic killers doing God’s work in a sick and violent manner has no meaning for them; they are not haunted by guilt, as they don’t view their actions as a crime–at least not until Shep begins to question his faith. The Christians frequently crosses into black comic territory to produce a story that’s weirdly funny, startlingly violent and steeped in sadness. – Armchair Reader

Set during the Great Depression, The Christians tells the serio-comic story of two psychopathic Bible salesmen who murder in the name of God. Hot on their trail is a former Texas Ranger and US Bureau of Investigation (pre-FBI) agent, John Stoddard Pyle, a man who knows no mercy and who does not know exactly who he is chasing as there is no apparent motive and virtually no clues. It encompasses themes as ancient as the Bible and as bloodily contemporary as this morning’s headlines.

Read an excerpt: The Christians



“Equally hilarious and touching, a fantastically fun read.” – Kiplinger’s Books

“Who knew that a typo could provoke such mayhem? An engaging novel.”American Standard

“Masterful.”New Independent

Set in 1919, The Greatest Living Englishman begs the question: “What happens when a book of rotten verse penned by England’s worst poet accidentally becomes a runaway best-seller in America?” Mayhem! The Greatest Living Englishman tells the comedic adventures of “England’s Worst Poet,” Colin Gilfeather Millaney, and his unlikely friendship with budding poetic genius, Edna St. Vincent Millay, while satirizing the commodification of the arts and roasting people more than eager for the banquet.

Read an excerpt: The Greatest Living Englishman


Featured Novel: BIRDBRAIN

birdbrain_frntCvrR copy

What is BIRDBRAIN? When a gold coin heist turns out badly a pair of idiotic crooks hook-up with some moronic thieves (and a movie star) in order to steal the secret KFC chicken recipe. Along the way they reveal (among many other things) the connection between Gilligan’s Island and the devil, what Salman Rushdie and Elvis have in common with Col. Sanders, why Betty was never a vitamin and what Bootsy Collins does in his spare time. It also deals with the whole “why did the chicken cross the road” conundrum.

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“Zany, goofy fun. Had me laughing out loud several times.”Times Journal & Review

“‘Sciency-Fictiony’ humor at its best since Douglas Adams rode his thumb through the galaxy.” – Barton’s

The year is 2020. Can the President of the United States of America, and the President of the United Blue States of America, come together in order stop a giant asteroid before it destroys Earth in one month’s time? Who is the mysterious Doctor Apophis? What is the “S.U.R.”, and why is the President of the USA determined to defend it at all costs? What the hell is the Canadian army doing in North Dakota, and why does HRH Queen Kate of England want to wage war with the USA? And what is… “The Myoshi Effect“?

Read an excerpt: The Myoshi Effect

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