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“Up ahead, there’s an outpost.” It was Captain Wainwright speaking. “It’s the last outpost before we get to the bad lands. Now, the guy who runs it is as crazy as a sunburned polecat–but at least he’s not insane.”

The Last Outpost by Wilden Camelback Grey, author of The First Outpost, The Penultimate Outpost and The Lost Outhouse (unpublished).

The author has been a professional writer for over 30 years, and not insane for over 50 (and counting). He’s a professional musician, a published author, a produced screenwriter, and is also available for weddings, and bar mitzvahs. He was former writing partners with the late Graham Chapman of Monty Python, and is U.S. Curator of the Graham Chapman Archives, and is the author of six non-fiction books, numerous novels, and the screenwriter of three films. He has contributed articles to dozens of magazines, websites, and periodicals including Rolling Stone, The Onion and Goldmine. His novels include Bad, Like Jesse James,  The BloviatorBastardo!The Greatest Living Englishman and The Myoshi Effect.

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