I am currently in the process of releasing a select group of my novels on audio. All are available on Audible.co, Amazon.com, and iTunes.com. So far the following have been released:







The slightly ridiculous tragicomic odyssey of Joe Perk, an inarticulate, simple-hearted and naive. Joe is “a coffee-whisperer” whose amazing talent for pulling the perfect cup of java propels him from small town Oklahoma to New York City to realize his dream: to become a world champion coffee barista. AVERAGE: 5 STARS








Wilt Fusarium, a clueless American ad executive, unwittingly finds himself in the middle of political intrigue and revolution on the tiny island of Costa San Rica, while trying to save the ad agency’s Choad Banana account. Complications and misunderstandings abound, as the island’s despot leader thinks Wilt is a revolutionary, the revolutionaries think he’s a government agent, the banana company thinks he’s CIA, and the CIA, well, they don’t know what to think. AVERAGE 4 STARS


A very influent51po9r8itdl-_sl300_ial New York City pop culture guru finds himself running for his life after his review of a mob-ow
ned restaurant makes it the most popular, hippest place in town. AVERAGE 4 /12 STARS




61zonz1gb7l-_sl300_Can the president of the United Red States of America and the president of the United Blue States of America come together to stop a giant asteroid before it destroys Earth in one month’s time? Who is the mysterious Doctor Apophis? What is the “S.U.R.”, and why is the president of the USA determined to defend it at all costs? What the hell is the Canadian army doing in North Dakota, and why does HRH Queen Kate of England want to wage war with the USA? And what is…The Myoshi Effect? AVERAGE 4 1/2 STARS






When a gold coin heist turns out badly, a pair of idiotic crooks hook-up with some moronic thieves (and a movie star) in order to steal the secret KFC chicken recipe. Along the way they reveal (among many other things) the connection between Gilligan’s Island and the devil, what Salman Rushdie and Elvis have in common with Col. Sanders, why Betty was never a vitamin, and what Bootsy Collins does in his spare time. It also deals with the whole “why did the chicken cross the road” conundrum. AVERAGE 5 STARS

A mild-man61rehfnjxbl-_sl300_nered, small town barber steals a valuable necklace on a whim, and then undergoes intense psychological turmoil as an insurance investigator turns the heat up on him. He ends up on the run, and with the blood of multiple murder victims on his hands – or does he? Every piece may not fit as you might expect in this story-puzzle.