“Sweet Black Humor”
I like my humor the way I like my coffee: strong, dark and a little sweet, and Joe Perk is my cup of java. Joe’s an innocent kid with a special talent for making coffee and so he goes to NYC to win a barista competition and ends up in hilarious hot water. Berkshire Daily

joe_perk_cvr_audio_bookThe slightly ridiculous tragicomic odyssey of Joe Perk, a young Jewish man who doesn’t know it; a man alone: inarticulate, simple-hearted and naive. Joe is “a coffee-whisperer” whose amazing talent for pulling the perfect cup of java propels him from small town Oklahoma to New York City to realize his dream: to become a world champion coffee barista. Along the way Joe stumbles in and out of the lives of Cliff, his cruel half-brother; Miguel, a farmhand with a secret coffee bean; Cappuccino, the lovely coffee shop owner in trouble; Lou, the diner-owner with dyslexia; Graydon Froth, the evil CEO of Big Brew coffee; Macchiato, reigning barista champ – and Shakes, the mysterious homeless man who imparts to Joe the knowledge of “The Way of the Bean”: the cosmic java force that can give Joe the power needed to make him a coffee-making superstar.